QoL Viewer

This viewer contains Capital Improvement Projects(CIP) shown as shaded polygons over the basemap.
Clicking on a polygon will result in a pop up box displaying all relevant information pertaining to that CIP. If there is more than one CIP in that location, the popup will display information for each CIP but you'll be required to cycle through them using the arrows on top of the pop up box.
The Projects tab lists all of the projects currently shown on the map and those that are unsited or have multilple locations.
Projects are color coded based on category.
  • Facilities
  • Park Amenities
  • Transportation
Map navigation using mouse and keyboard:
  • Drag to pan
  • SHIFT + Click to recenter
  • SHIFT + Drag to zoom in
  • SHIFT + CTRL + Drag to zoom out
  • Mouse Scroll Forward to zoom in
  • Mouse Scroll Backward to zoom out
  • Use Arrow keys to pan
  • + key to zoom in a level
  • - key to zoom out a level
  • Double Click to Center and Zoom in

The search box provides a way to quickly display CIPs by Project Name. This box will search though all Capital Improvement Project names currently displayed on the map and in the Projects tab.

The Filter tab provides the ability to filter CIPs based on different categories. Using these filters, CIPs are added/removed from the map and Projects tab. Only those CIPs with the selected filter will be shown.
Use the 'Clear Filters' button to remove all filters and the 'Apply' button to apply the selected filters.


  • Summer: June July August
  • Fall: September October November
  • Winter: December January February
  • Spring: March April May

The Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) provides the opportunity for Recognized Neighborhood Associations and Civic Associations to request small-scale permanent physical improvement projects to enhance the quality of life in their neighborhoods. The intent is to facilitate an organized process for residents to have direct input on physical improvements in their neighborhood. The 2012 Quality of Life Bond included $10 million for physical improvement projects under the NIP.